2017 Aleph Surf Update

Last year was another great year for ASI and we are so thankful for the provision, the people and everyone involved.

With the Aleph Families help in 2016:

– We discipled 37 kids each week during our daily sessions;
– We gave 40 kids one-on-one tutoring each week focusing on math, reading and
language subjects in conjunction with their school work;
– We provided assistance with various medical procedures / doctors visits for the children in our program;
– We provided assistance with school scholarships;
– We hosted a camp in June where 19 kids committed their life to following Jesus;
– We provided jobs for 8 South African locals;
– We ran a training week with Kingdom Sports Ministry, their leader Bradley Barnes and staff outlining how to run an effective outreach;
– We helped five high school girls graduate high school and apply for universities and bursaries;
– We ran a 4 month internship program with four students from California, Germany and Switzerland;
– We continued to establish Aleph Ensenada, Mexico.
– We have two local leaders, Walter and Omar, who are strong believers and are connected to established organizations / ministries. Walter has been taking some locals kids to the beach and his ministry has been building momentum.
– We provided consultation to Tanzanian Pastor Emmanuel Hagai. Pastor Emmanuel and his team have begun working with street kids living in the city of Dar Es Salaam. Aleph brought Pastor Emmanuel down for training and visited him at his home in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Aleph Surf is a vehicle and a platform for people to experience the love of Jesus – to know Him and have opportunities in life that are expressions of His glory. This next year we hope to convey 11 years of field experience to leaders around the world, equipping more hands to reach lives, through doing what they love, all so that God’s NAME can be glorified and people may have better opportunities in life.

We are humbled and honored to serve in this mission to build the kingdom of the most High God Yahweh!

Rehgert & Vanessa van Zyl
Aleph Surf International

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