Aleph Surf Mexico is based out of an expanding port city in Baja California called Ensenada. We have focused in Mexico, because of our first hand experience with the Mexican communities victimization of those in poverty. The communities face many obstacles ranging from; rising poverty rates, social injustice, wide spread crime, violence, drug & alcohol abuse, as well as a fatherless generation being raised by themselves.
There are currently an estimated 400,000 children in mexico without parental care. Our focus will be with children in the foster care system of Mexico. All have been forcibly removed from their families due to severe instances of abuse or neglect. They are now trapped in a system that seems to perpetuate this cycle. Many leave the system around 18 years old, only to be launched into a life they are unprepared for. Often they fall into the same circumstances that plagued their parents, continuing the cycle. It’s a sad reality that the orphanage and foster care systems are actually the greatest producers of orphans and foster kids in the world.
Aleph Surf Mexico will confront the cycle at it’s core. We will walk with youth as they move from a place of victimization to empowerment.

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