Jeffreys Bay

Aleph Surf International is based in a small surfing town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa called Jeffrey’s Bay.  We have focused our efforts here because South African communities are in great need facing many social issues: poverty, inequality, crime, violence, alcohol and drug abuse and general hopelessness.

South Africans are faced with this reality every day of their lives whether it’s at home, on the streets, in the schools they attend or the communities they live in. The social group that suffers the most are those who are still dependent on others – the youth. Many children and youth from disadvantaged communities end up on the streets, begging, pursuing lives of crime or prostituting themselves. For many the end result is poverty, juvenile prisons, homelessness or in worst cases, death. It’s an evil cycle that is very difficult to break free from. The children who are exposed to these social problems are known as youth at risk.

Aleph Surf is active in the following places:

Jeffreys Bay

  1. Joshua Project: Jeffreys Bay
    The Joshua Project is a safe haven for vulnerable children and children living on the street to receive love, support, education, and training. Aleph runs the program weekly with the Joshua Project in Jeffreys Bay.
  1. Aleph Surf Pellsrus House: Jeffreys Bay
    Reaching out to children and families in need. Aleph runs programs daily with the kids in the community.  This is our main location for all Aleph programs in Jeffreys Bay. We are positioned right by the local school where most of our students attend.  Making it easy for them to come join us straight after school to surf, work on homework, or find a place of security, love, and rest.




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