The Aleph Surf Program

Aleph Surf International gives youth, who would have never before had the ability or opportunity to surf, the experience of riding a wave.

Surfing is a lot like life or life can be a lot like surfing – it is impossible to just go out and start surfing big waves without any experience. You need experience, maturity, and knowledge to surf. You must be able to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You have to overcome certain challenges that stand between yourself and reaching your current goal before you can set the next one.. As you learn to overcome challenges and acquire more wisdom about the ocean and elements around you, you become more mature and more experienced.

The most fundamental and necessary ingredient in learning how to surf is that you need someone to show you how it is done.   A surf coach who has many years of experience and knows how to surf, has the knowledge of what to look out for and what to do in various situations. The surf coach makes the learning process much easier.

The same may be applied to life and decision-making. Youth are faced with adult challenges and adult concepts when they are still just children. We make youth aware that they need to be developed and mentored. In this project the ‘surf coach’ is essentially the life coach.

Surfing alone won’t change the lives of our youth – mentoring and discipling them will.

Surf Coaches becomes people the youth can learn to trust and open up their lives to. The facilitators and coaches become ‘significant others’, family and role models for our youth.

Aleph Surf International is a Christian values organization. We teach the following ideals and values to our youths: making wise decisions in life, self discipline, self control, self respect, loving God, loving others, making a contribution to this world, sharing, & overcoming fear.




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