The Vision of Aleph Creatives

At the heart of Aleph is a creative spirit. Our hope is to empower people to use their God given gifts to serve the poor through their artistic talents. Art expresses the soul, stirs hearts, transform lives, and brings people together.

We use art to connect kids to their true creator, the ultimate designer. Behind everything creative is God. He is the one who created the world and every unique human being. We hope that through these art workshops the kids achieve a greater understanding of God as their creator.

Art is a great tool in building relationships with people. It has given us a lens into the lives of the kids we work with.


We have seen art be an amazing tool in building relationships and bringing healing to our students. The artwork the students create, the way they interpret and express themselves, allows us to see what might be going on at home or inside of their hearts.
Many of the students we work with come from broken and/or abusive families. Some have dropped out of school or have been kicked out. Now their hopes and dreams are shattered with nowhere to turn. Our goal with these workshops is to breath life back into who God created them to be. To allow them to express themselves and develop skill sets they never knew they had.

Our deepest desire is to share the hope that we have in the Gospel with these individuals. Introducing them to “the True Designer” and “the One and Only Creator of all things”.

The sessions consist of practical art skills, techniques, and theories. The lessons are inspired by the Word and creation itself that God spoke into life for us to enjoy, survive, and grow in. Aleph Creatives desires to see the gospel transform lives and manifest the hope we have in Christ visually.


Our tote bags are collaboration between our art students in the Aleph Creatives classes, as well as, our graphic designer Ruschka Du Toit. The totes each have a graphic on it that Ruschka created from projects done with the students. Most of the women involved in the sewing project have their children in either the surf and/or art after school programs. It is rad for them to see their hand made bags with their children’s art on them.

The totes directly support the seamstresses and their families. Allowing us to continue our community outreaches. Check out our store to see our current totes available


We want to give you, as an artist, the opportunity to explore the heart of “Restoration through Recreation”. As an artist you have an incredible gift to restore lives through your pen, your brush, your lens. We want to give you the opportunity to use your gifts to impact lives. Be a part of the vision and heart of Aleph Creatives with your work.

One way to get involved in South Africa is by running an art workshop. You will have an opportunity teach kids in your field of interest and share your life with children that otherwise would have no other positive influence. Email us at


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